Fit Foodie 5k – say what?

I don’t write a lot about food anymore, because there are so many other people who do it a whole lot better than me, but I am happy to say I still cook a bunch. I fortunately married a foodie husband as well, so we have a lot of fun cooking for each other. We have a small kitchen so we mostly take turns cooking, but sometimes we combine forces – like for this awesome Easter brunch at my parents’ house.

easter brunch

That said, I’m forever a foodie, which is why I’m so stoked about this fun event at Mueller in Austin this Saturday, June 13. It’s the Fit Foodie Run, a 5k with a sweet finisher’s village all focused on food.

Picture your local 5k’s post-race offerings… some cut-up oranges, bananas, maybe bagel halves if you’re lucky. Now destroy that image in your mind completely.

This is going to be like those upscale grocery stores with their bonanza of fancy samples. At a recent day at Central Market (the fancy older cousin of HEB), I tasted a roasted red pepper panini fresh off the press, a bunch of cheeses, fresh multigrain bread with butter, and fresh fruit. Needless to say my love can be bought with food.

Anyway, after the Fit Foodie Run there will also be celebrity chef demos and tastings, mingling with other like-minding foodie-runners, fitness demos (run. eat. repeat.), beer and wine tastings, giveaways, and delicious bites from swanky restaurants and sponsors. SIGN ME UP.

I’ve got a discount code from the race organizers that’s good for half off registration, but only until the end of today, so hop on it – it’s “CATERUNS”.

Register here.

See you there.



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