Take all the credit you deserve

Humans are funny. We attribute our successes to our own awesomeness rather than other people or good luck or favorable circumstances. Example: last night I was looking at Facebook pictures from my junior year of college. I had redshirted that track season and ran a PR of 16:39 at our home meet’s 5K. Yeah, Cate ran a 16:39, pretty good time, huh?


(L-R) Me, SP, Robyn

But I’d pretty much forgot that I had two teammates, Sam and Robyn, pace me for half the race! Two years later, I have a fresh understanding of what it meant for them to run that race with me. In 2011, in my mind, I was strong. I could run 16:39 anywhere, Sam and Robyn just happened to be around that day. But now looking back I know there’s no way I could have run that time without them.

It was just one more thing they did as great teammates. Sure, tempo-ing a 3k probably fit into their training/racing schedule at the time, but they didn’t have to run with me. They did it selflessly, and loyally.

They were probably the two gals I ran the most miles with throughout my time at Baylor, offering physical support and emotional support – advising me when to get serious and when to relax, listening to me rant and rave about everything under the sun, waiting for me at bathroom stops, sharing about their lives and feelings with me to fill the space and grow closer mile after mile.

Both Sam and Robyn are done with Baylor now, onto bigger and better things, and not many days go by without me missing them. Fortunately they are both great at taking initiative to stay in touch – SP is a modern-day pen pal and Robyn is a super Skype user.

So go ahead, take all the credit you deserve for your own accomplishments – I don’t deserve a lot. I could write a post like this for nearly every one of my teammates, too. Yes I’m getting nostalgic before I’ve even left Baylor. But y’all rock.


NCAA Championships, Terre Haute, IN 2010


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