Fried rice: further proof for the phenomena that anything tastes better when you add salt, oil and heat (through cooking). In this dish, day-old rice and fresh veggies get the treatment. What’s not to love? This was my first time making it and I loved it.

This was also my first time making a fried egg. I ended up doing it over easy because while soft, runny yolks = nomz, soft uncooked whites = gross. I learned a nice distinction about eggs as well. Observe.

  • Fried egg / sunny side up: Egg is cooked on one side only. Yolk is runny and whites are mostly but not fully set
  • Egg “over easy:” Egg is cooked mostly on one side but flipped near the end of cooking time. You still get the delicious salty runny yolk but the white is fully cooked.

Tutorial: how to fry an egg. You’re welcome.

Recipe from Foodie at Fifteen


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