Knock You Naked Brownies / The PW Cooking Show

Pioneer Woman doesn’t give much background on these babies, except that the first time she tried them, they were so good she had to ration them.

Layers of brownies, studded with pecans, sandwiching a soft caramel center, topped with powdered sugar. Observe.

After having made them, I’ll take that “ration” concept one step further — they are good, even fantastic, but you have to ration them because they are so toothaching-ly sweet and rich. And coming from me, a girl who polished off probably a full jar cumulative between two new flavors of Peanut Butter & Co. in the last TWO DAYS (oof), that’s saying a lot.

Go ahead, knock yourself out, Knock You Naked Brownies won’t let you down. They were a hit last summer at my internship, and at my friend’s 4th of July party.

I posted this recipe for two reasons 1. a friend told me today I only posted healthy recipes. Ha. I’ll show her. and 2. I finally got to watch Pioneer Woman’s cooking show today.

The show started airing months ago, and despite the fact that I’m a big PW fan I’d never gotten to watch it because it airs at 8:30 a.m. on Saturdays. I’m always running a long run or at a meet at that time, but this weekend the stars aligned… I saw “The Big Game,” the episode where The Pioneer Woman herself (Ree Drummond) preps wings, guac and pico, and Knock You Naked brownies for her husband Ladd and his out-of-town friends. The show focused a good couple of minutes (a lot for a 30 min slot that includes commercials) on a subplot of Ladd taking the guys around doing some cattle herding ranch work while Ree stays home and cooks. Really? We know Ree is the ranch wife. Wanna rub it in?

Another impression from the show: watching Pioneer Woman come to life from her blog to TV is just odd. It’s like seeing a photo of your favorite radio host and having them look completely different than you imagined. Of course, I knew how she looked before, but never how she sounded. She doesn’t act very comfortable on-screen, and she’s a lot less funny.

Anyway, the recipe I found most interesting on the episode was the brownies, hence the post. Please tell me if you would like to eat these brownies. I’d be delighted to make them and unload them on you so I don’t eat too many.


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