3 Days of Bachelorhood in Kansas

My jet-setting track career took me the metropolis of Manhattan, Kansas this weekend for the Big 12 Championships hosted by Kansas State. Due to some managerial error or maybe just sheer luck I found myself set up in our team hotel without the customary track team roommate. Initially, I foresaw loneliness; I’m pretty social and I like having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of. But almost as soon as I set my bags down, I realized rooming alone would be cool.

Disclaimer before I enumerate pros of rooming alone: every one of my roommates on previous track trips have been considerate, friendly and unselfish. Over the years, through rooming with different girls from my team I’ve gotten to share good times, deep conversations, and even push-up contests, hair straighteners and packets of oatmeal.

Alright, but in my own room, I don’t have to worry about being considerate back. No having to leave the room to have a phone conversation. No journaling in the bathroom with the door closed so the other person could go to sleep. TV on or off, whatever my whims at the moment were. I can sleep when I want, wake up when I want, blast my dorky Pandora stations, do abs in my underwear and adjust the thermostat to my precise liking.

We arrived in Manhattan on Thursday, but I didn’t race until Sunday afternoon. I spent a lot of time on the internet in my room, which as you can imagine was super useful. Sometimes people are confused when I tell them I stay up all hours of the night surfing the internet. Be mystified no more; the internet is a treasure trove of constantly-updated entertaining content. Here I hope to highlight some of the ways I entertain myself online, with specific updates pulled from my three days of bachelorhood in Kansas …

  • Tried to find the end of a Spongebob episode I started watching (Squidward attends a Kelpy G concert. Seriously making me LOL)
  • The story of a dentist who extracted all her ex-boyfriend’s teeth is a hoax. My bad. I even shared that one with friends. Embarrassing.
  • Remember that Kenyan runner at Alaska who went missing for 50 hours, stumbled back, and had to have his feet amputated? Story/ interview and video from ESPN that explains the whole thing.
    “He has to deal with the conflicted nature of his fame — his own self-destructiveness turned him into a reason for people to celebrate him. That gives him more reason to feel alone when he has to be smiling.” Two words: depression sucks.
  • On the note of missing limbs, my homegirl Lauren Fleshman recommended the novel The Running Dream about a high school track star who loses her lower leg in a car accident (Check out the first few pages on Google Books). Good questions to ask yourself: what would you do if you couldn’t run anymore? Who are you, really?
  • Another running-related site, LetsRun.com. Despite the awful design and snarky community, I really actually like this site. The news is cool and the message boards are funny… as long as they’re not talking about you.
  • A pleasing track-centric offshoot of the gif-heavy and hilarious What Should We Call MeWhat Should Runners Call Me.

That’s the internet round-up for the weekend. More where that came from.


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