Garmin 305 Broken Button Fix

My GPS watch lost a few buttons. Well, more precisely, over time the rubber covering the side buttons cracked and fell off. The watch worked fine though, and after I got tired of pushing the contacts inside the watch with a bobby pin I decided to fix it. I wasn’t able to find a solution on Google so I made up my own. Hope this helps anyone who has a broken Garmin 305.


Missing mode button, as you can see. Power button still intact.



How to fix Garmin 305 with Missing Buttons

– scissors
– duct tape
– small beads



1. Place the bead in the hole where the rubber button used to cover (above photos)
The bead should sit inside the hole comfortably, resting on the contact inside the watch, and also protruding enough from the hole that it sticks out like the other buttons.

2. Cut a small square from your duct tape and, starting from the bead’s center, carefully tape over the bead onto the hard plastic sides of the watch. Don’t push the bead down when you do this, just let it rest in the watch.

I think your tape job might look a bit more professional if it didn’t come from a craft store.


All done!

Now you should be good to go! I’ve had my tape on for a couple of weeks without problems, and it’s pretty fun to be able to push all the buttons again.


Top view. I had three broken buttons (mode, one of the down arrows and enter)

p.s. Using decorative duct tape for the first time in my life… I don’t think I can be blamed for what happened next.


Bike helmet bling. Chevrons = speed.


Zing! Now that my floss is decked out in tertiary-colored chevron print my bathroom is .5% cuter.


5 thoughts on “Garmin 305 Broken Button Fix

  1. Graham

    Thanks for this post Cate. My enter button was malfunctioning and would only work if I pressed it in a certain way. Remove the rubber and used your fix. Now it works again thus extending my FR 305’s life ;)

  2. Kcnado

    So glad you posted this! I was using a bobby pin before/after my runs to change the mode. The only thing that makes me sad with the buttons falling off is that I don’t trust it getting wet anymore :(

  3. Russ O'Callaghan

    Sounds like a sensible, practical fix. I’m going to give it a go this week, but I might try keeping the bead in position with glazing-silicone. Same button incidently. I’m sick and tired of fixing this thing; batteries, the works. Garmin really do need to beef up their products a bit. And what about that squeaky useless bleeper, eh? Hopeless for sixty-six year-old ears. A car or bus goes past…nothing.
    Thanks, Kate.


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