Running and some surprising developments

On the topic of running: last time we spoke here, a full month ago, I was fully recovered from my winter hip injury and building back mileage. I still didn’t know if I’d redshirt (not compete) this season and save my eligibility for a fifth year, or go ahead and compete anyway. It was spring break. Just two days after that post, guess what happened? Here, you can read my real-life journal entry from that day:

Tempo today was great. It was beautiful out, 55 degrees and sunny and “Stanford-esque” according to Coach. I was able to stick with the team for my whole four mile effort – 23:45! They did five miles. But I felt smooth and I could have done one more. Wow, great feeling. Very encouraged.

Talked to Coach though and we decided to go for it – THE 5TH YEAR!

Redshirt is official.

Dude I’m so excited.

It was awesome knowing I’d have a fifth year to be even stronger. As for value-added, how about getting to do grad school?! And it was really nice to not have to worry about getting in shape for the rest of the season. The plan was to run a couple meets unattached, then back down and start getting ready for the fall.

But in the few weeks since then, a funny thing started to happen.

  • 3/15 Tues. 8x800m at the track. Again, able to keep up with teammates.
  • 3/18 Friday. 3k race (unattached) at TCU. 10:05 not a PR but not bad for eight weeks off…
  • 3/22 Tues. 3 sets of (6x300m) at the track. Teammates only had two sets because they were racing that weekend, but I was able to run with them and do a third, faster set alone.
  • 3/24 Thurs. 4 mile tempo, alone. 23:45 again.
  • 3/29 Tues. 6x1k at the golf course. Felt really good, got pulled along by teammates and ran as fast as we did during cross country season for the same workout.
  • 3/31 Thurs. 8x200m (alone) at the track. Ran faster than I did on the same workout last February.

I was knocking out a solid two workouts a week (plus 13 mile long runs) and the paces were coming down eerily quickly.

And most surprising of all, last weekend –

  • 4/2 Sat. 1500m race (unattached) at UTA. I ran one second off my PR from last year. Wow. And it was the easiest-feeling 1500 I’ve ever run.

See? No uniform (I'm in white)

I don’t know how I’m able to pick back up where I left off. But oh wait, what did I say last month?

Heck, if I run fast after taking eight weeks off in the winter, that only downplays my own accomplishments and highlights God’s power in me all the more!

Indeed. And that’s the only explanation I have now. So it would seem I got the best of both from my two possible choices earlier on: either redshirt and not race, or race the season. Somehow I’m redshirting and getting to race satisfyingly.

That’s what I’ve been running lately – straight from me and my journal to you. Future unclear, but for now I’ve got my sights set on returning to my second home track: UT Austin, baby, for the 1500m at Texas Relays on Saturday!

Throwback picture from 2008 at the Texas Relays. Always good memories from this meet.


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