Cream of Wheat- FAIL!


In an effort to diversify my breakfasts in both taste and nutrition, I bought some whole grain cream of wheat cereal. Cream of wheat is like, some form of wheat that’s prepared like oatmeal. It also goes by the name malt-o-meal. It’s thinner than oatmeal and kind of soupy. I had it a couple times last year and even though it made me feel like an old person, I enjoyed it.

This morning, spying the rarely-used box in my pantry, I tried it again.

The whole experience was bad, from start to finish.

Things wrong with cream of wheat:

  1. Messy to measure out. There’s a spout on the side of the box, and you have to pour it out like dish detergent. It spilled over my tablespoon.
  2. The fact that I had to measure it at all sucked. I can eyeball oatmeal.
  3. You have to microwave it for a minute, then stir, then microwave for 30s, then stir, so clumps don’t form.
  4. You also have to watch it like a HAWK or else it boils over the top.
  5. Mine never got thick.
  6. It still managed to boil over and dirty up my microwave.
  7. I added yogurt, honey and raisins – and it still didn’t taste good.

Or maybe that was just the taste of defeat.

I couldn’t find a good blog post defaming cream of wheat, so I had to write one myself. You’re welcome.

That better not be some cream of wheat boiling over down there...


4 thoughts on “Cream of Wheat- FAIL!

  1. beabee

    Hahaha @ that hawk picture! Cream of wheat does suck. It’s like, “Have we used up all the oatmeal on the planet? No? Then why am I not eating some of that right now?” People who say they get bored of oatmeal are just lazy. I had it five times five different ways last week!

  2. Mike

    cream of wheat is great. it is a healthy easy breakfast. Cate sounds lazy to me beabee, having to stir it while cooking is bothering her. how do you run the kitchen if you cant pour a tablespoon! ? first time on the site because i searched cream of wheat as I was investigating how they make it. I am not always this negative, just a couple points I wanted to make. cool site though Cate

    1. catewestenhover Post author

      That’s a good point, but for me running the kitchen means “I do what I want!” (said in diva voice) and if that includes no tablespoon measuring, too bad.

      Thanks for the fresh perspective though :P

  3. Heidi H.

    Dude, Cate, you have SUCH a good attitude & response to someone who critiqued you! ::am rebuked::

    I live cream of wheat & am lazy. I eye the amount I pour in, eye the water & pop my bowl in the microwave & eat whatever comes out. Sometimes it lumpy, sometimes not, but I like the texture.


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