Running Update: fully recovered, decision-time approaching

When I started this blog I wanted it to be a lot more about running, but oddly I haven’t thought of many things I feel compelled to share. It’s not that I have things I don’t want people to know, I just don’t know if there’s much people would want to know.

But my ultimate rationalization for writing about this is that I greatly enjoy reading other running blogs (particularly pro athlete Lauren Fleshman’s) and I want to live up to my blog title. Cate does run!

Since my last post about running, three weeks ago, it’s actually been smooth sailing. I haven’t had any more hip pain, haven’t even felt it. It’s weird: I had to gain strength before it could stop hurting, but I couldn’t gain much strength (by running or rehabbing) because it hurt. But once I got past that initial threshold of painful running, the pain never came back. I stopped doing strengthening work and I started running more.

In the meantime, I'll keep rocking recovery socks to class. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this bit of running nerdiness.

I ran 32 miles that first week of real running, then 40 the next week, 45 last week (including two scaled-back hard days) and I’m aiming for 50 this week. My shins and calves are not pleased with this transition to increased mileage, but that’s a typical affliction for me, regardless of training phase. I’ve been giving them a little extra love in the form of stretching, icing and massage, and am certain I can manage them.

Ironically, my wardrobe does not contain a single red shirt.

I still don’t know if I’m redshirting this outdoor season or not. It depends on scholarship money for that prospective fifth year (right now I’m on a lot of academic aid, but that only lasts four years). I think if the money does work out, I’d like to redshirt and just focus on training for the fall season. Having a long block of time to put in solid training before my senior season of cross country sounds really appealing.

I’ll be a senior year in the fall? College passes by scary-fast.

Why wouldn’t I want to stay a little longer? College is a season in my life when I can dedicate almost all of my physical and time resources into training. While I’m sure entering the real world, getting a start in public relations, would be stimulating and challenging in its own ways, I’m in no rush.

On the other hand, I think if I have the opportunity to run this season, I should take advantage of it. I could be injured during my fifth year too! And that fifth year of school would require me to start grad school or pick up another major. I like learning new stuff in general, but I don’t know what I’d go for. Maybe more business classes? It’s like picking a major all over again, oof. There’s enough to say about that for another post :)

Overall I’m at a good place in running these days. It’s the best I could hope for after straining my hip and having to take eight weeks off. Eight really isn’t that long compared to what some people have taken off. Workouts will be the true indicator of my fitness, and will guide the decision of redshirting. If I can’t PR this season, I don’t want to use the season. I can still run unattached at a few meets like our home meet and one at nearby TCU. And If I did Texas Relays, I could sleep in my own bed at home in Austin the night before, haha! It would be a throwback to the high school days.


Decision-time is getting closer. I’m excited and antsy, but I’m excited about either option. Heck, if I run fast after taking eight weeks off in the winter, that only downplays my own accomplishments and highlights God’s power in me all the more!  All roads lead to a good place, so I just have to put my best effort forth at having a good run every day. The future’s going to work itself out.


3 thoughts on “Running Update: fully recovered, decision-time approaching

  1. beabee

    Ug, I remember nearing the end of my time at UT and having to worry about “what’s next”. I actually did consider several things before ultimately deciding to bum around the house, not using my degree for a year. I even had to write a paper about it for one of my classes. But that’s one thing I don’t miss at all about being in your stage of life. Enjoy! :D

    Can I vote study abroad in Europe? Is that an option?

    1. catewestenhover Post author

      Well thanks for the reassurance ;) Study abroad is an option but not one I can plan on. Since I haven’t ruled out running this season, I can’t commit to the study abroad trip because the dates conflict. Hence I’ve missed deadlines and payments, etc. But my professor heading the trip told me if there happens to be an opening, I can do everything last-minute and still come. If the details work out I’d love to go, but I’m not pushing anything at this point.

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