Spring Break Actually Starts (Friday)

On Friday, I joined about half the student body at Baylor and attended my normal classes ;)

It looked like it was about to rain all day, but enthusiasm was still high. I made good use of my first free afternoon by lazily surfing the internet, watching Flotrack videos (Brian Sell’s life after retiring, Christine Babcock’s injury-plagued college career – great perspective) and looking up baking blogs like I Am Baker.

Two other friends, Katie and Caitlin, had my roommate, Sam, and I over for dinner. Katie made chipotle cashew chicken with brown rice (recipe from Rachael Ray). Katie’s reputation around here is for her amazing baking (i.e. layer cakes from scratch for birthdays, chocolate-dipped peanut butter crackers at Bible study) but this dish certainly delivered. It was a little hot, a little sweet, with a nice salty sauce that soaked into the rice.

Chipotle Cashew Chicken

Sam and I rounded out the meal, bringing a basic spinach salad with Martha Stewart vinaigrette (“Martha’s favorite vinaigrette,” man, she likes her dressing strong) and a Sock It To Me Cake from the Neelys of “Down Home Cooking.” The cake starts with a basic yellow mix, you add a pecan streusel in the middle of the batter, then a yummy lemon glaze. Sam has even been to the Neelys’ Tennessee restaurant and eaten this very cake. The authenticity she brought to this dessert took it to the next level, haha.

Mmmm, check out those pecan cross sections

We ate on Katie’s brightly colored Fiesta Ware, cozily seated around the coffee table, talking with “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” on in the background. We simultaneously mocked it while enjoying the touching moments. BTW, Katie owns a shirt that Alexis Bledel wears in the movie. She is so cool.

My friends have Hollywood fashion, no big deal

Another night of good friends and good food. We had a great time just catching up on life. Even though we all go to Baylor we’re so busy we don’t see each other much.

To cap off the night, Cait took us to see “The Adjustment Bureau.” I went in with zero expectations since I’d seen only half of the trailer. But all of us loved it – it was fun, romantic and surprisingly thought-provoking about life and even spirituality.

Perfect start to spring break in the 254!


1 thought on “Spring Break Actually Starts (Friday)

  1. Katish

    Cate, this post made my day :) I always enjoy your blog so much, and always, ALWAYS enjoy getting to spend time with you.


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