Spring Break = More Cooking!

We are officially on spring break here at Baylor!

I’ve never really payed attention to this before, but apparently a lot of people go to like, Mexico and Florida for their break. Dude isn’t that expensive? Don’t you have homework? I mean, I have to stay because of track practice, but even if I didn’t I’d probably just go home for the week. Which would be awesome, by the way.

But since all my friends are staying here for the break, and I have a research paper to write (about Twitter though, how cool is that), I don’t mind spending this  break in Waco. I’ve gone home to Austin and spent time with my family the last two weekends, and I saw my boyfriend Bryan the last four weekends in a row. A little downtime in Waco with my friends and NO SCHOOL sounds like a vacation enough for me.

We started feeling the spring break vibes on Thursday of this week. Some professors canceled Friday classes and campus started to empty out. It was a gorgeous, sunny 65-degree day. I even saw a couple classes meeting outdoors on the Burleson quad.

That night, some of the freshmen from the track team hosted a dinner at their dorm. My friends Robyn and Charlotte made a homemade spaghetti bolognese sauce and helped me make a red cabbage coleslaw for about ten guests.

Robyn, me, Charlotte, and the sauce in progress

We also played Mario Kart on someone’s old N64. Since I spend most evenings alone with my textbooks, just hanging out for once was a welcome change! One of their other roommates, Ericka, asked me if this cooking experience was going on the blog – of course!

I love cooking, I love cooking with other people, and I love hanging out after a good meal. This was a wonderful evening.

Look out for more cooking posts coming soon!


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