So, what are you doing this summer?

Summer 2011. Nike Headquarters - that's the goal, anyway!

Another PR class blog post!

I spent  last summer at home in Austin doing nothing related to school or my future career. I ran and worked out a lot (which is admittedly one of my top priorities – summer training is crucial to success in the fall cross country season), hung out with my friends, and obsessively shopped Craigslist for furniture to deck out my new apartment.

It was a fulfilling summer in many senses, but I couldn’t get rid of the nagging sense of guilt over the fact that I wasn’t working a PR internship or taking at least one class. I knew I could be doing more.

The problem was that internships sounded intimidating and hard. Even finding one seemed like way too much trouble.

In the last month though, I’ve had a change of heart. Working an internship actually sounds fun and enriching! I’m excited to try out and develop the skills I’ve learned in the classroom.

I’ve learned a lot in school this year – particularly through my Advanced PR class and accompanying internship at the Dwyer Group. Advanced PR was the hardest class I’ve ever taken at Baylor. I guess it’s intended to be a sort of trial by fire. Whew.

But now I feel confident about applying for internships. I check job requirements for interns and realize with satisfaction that I meet all of them.

Here are my top three choices for summer internships:

  • Nike – it sounds too good to be true: a paid internship in Portland with a brand that’s not only focused on athletic apparel (sports industry!), but is renowned worldwide. At first I thought, “I can never get this internship,” but I realized I meet all the requirements and I’ve got as good a chance as anyone else. I decided to be bold and go for it. However, I know Nike is huge (7,000 employees at the Oregon headquarters), and my chances of getting  in are slim unless I know someone. I did the online application and I’m working on getting contacts from some other athletes. Thankfully my experiences with news releases have taught me how to “pitch” myself as an applicant.
  • LIVESTRONG Foundation Interning here appeals to me because, like Nike, it’s related to athletics, it’s a well-known brand (hello, LIVESTRONG bands), it’s a nonprofit (I could use experience here) and it’s based in Austin.
  • Flotrack is a website that covers collegiate and professional track and field news with interviews, stories, and videos.  This probably wouldn’t be so much of a PR position, but the writing experience would be good. They operate on a national scope, but are also based conveniently in Austin.

To anyone who’s dreading the internship application process, or even more importantly, the job search process, I urge you to just start looking. My search started one night when I was procrastinating studying, and now I can’t stop. Once you find something you’re interested in, the whole process takes on a deeper level of personal meaning.


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