Stir Fry Redux

Successful chicken stir fry!

It worked, y’all.

I used a simple Martha Stewart recipe (“Chicken Stir-fry Wraps“) from her book “Everyday Food: Great Food Fast.”

Basically, you stir fried the strips of chicken, removed them from the pan, then stir fried the veggies, then threw the sauce together (leaving veggies in the pan). Add fresh garlic and giner, and dried red pepper flakes, cook one minute, then stir in soy sauce, rice vinegar (I used normal haha), and cornstarch to thicken it all up. Stir your chicken back in and you’re golden!

It was easy: one cutting board, two knives, one big skillet.

It was yummy: I found myself picking those slimy, salty onions out before it was time to eat it all. They just tasted so good!

It was healthy: Lean protein, fresh vegetables, add brown rice for whole grains = complete meal! Next time I’m going to double or triple the vegetables to get some more nutritional bang for my cooking buck, but besides that I wouldn’t change a thing!

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast

Thanks to my awesome from-California sister for giving me this cookbook at Christmas and recommending this recipe after I voiced my concerns about stir fry a while back. I’m always interesting in learning cooking methods, rather than just following recipes, but sometimes you have to start with recipes to get your foundations. This was  great learning tool and I feel a lot more confident about preparing stir fry for myself on a busy weeknight or for feeding other people sometime.


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