PR in 2011: Bring home the bacon and fry it up and put your spouse and kids to bed!

Here’s another post I wrote for my PR class blog. So, PR isn’t a science major. I don’t think you could count it as a “hard” college major. Our tests are mostly open-book, if we have them at all. But while PR theory is simple to understand, putting it into practice is the tough part. Instead of tests, we have projects with real clients and real deadlines. In PR classes, there’s less studying and more doing. This post addresses some of the challenges in the PR field my fellow students and I are going to face in 2011, according to a post from Bad Pitch Blog.

Am I the only one who feels dread when I read articles that tell me how hard I’m going to have to work in PR?

In a January post, Bad Pitch Blog highlighted six rules of effective media relations for PR people in 2011.

Now, I want a challenging career, and as long as I’m working I should aim to make a difference, but posts like this make me nervous – PR people have to create content and act like reporters? What?

Maybe that’s just me being lazy. And it’s exciting to hear that the field we’ll be entering is changing and growing with technology, rather than remaining stagnant. According to Bad Pitch Blog, PR is getting more important for creating stories, hence the title of their post:

In 2011 the PR World Puffs Up its Chest

Now, to paraphrase the six rules from Bad Pitch Blog:

Releases (must feature reportage) We have to work like journalists, getting crucial facts for a story.

Relevance (must drive every pitch) Relevance to specific audiences of a media outlet receiving a pitch.

Research (must occur online and off) Know all about our clients, their business and consumers. We’ll deal directly with the consumers through the internet.

Response (must be rapid and brief) In dealing with anyone who reports or blogs about a company or client, you have to be brief (like one screen of a smart phone) and easily accessible (constantly reachable).

Rankings (must inform outreach) Your internet hits and rankings will determine success.

Skillset (must do more) We have to be able to publish content in multiple forms, like video (got some experience in Advanced PR from that, right?) We also have to understand SEO (search engine optimization); we need to know strategy behind communications; we need to be able to tell stories. Sounds like a lot, right? Says Bad Pitch sarcastically:

Bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan and put your spouse and kids to bed! Master a core set, but understand how they all work together.

I’m glad I’m still in school (and a junior at that), and even though the real world with real work is intimidating, at least I’m finding out about it now. Let’s take advantage of the chance we have to learn from professors, each other, and our own research about the PR field.


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