4 Steps to Make Leafy Greens Taste Awesome

Fake spinach enjoyment. It's not THAT good.

My sister asked me recently to write a primer for making yourself like leafy greens. Sarcastic request or not, I thought it sounded like fun.

I didn’t used to like salad greens. They tasted like dirt. Way too plant-like. But I persisted, and like my recent success with acquiring a taste for chocolate, I succeeded in making myself like leafy greens. They’re still not delicious like, “I’m hungry, what should I snack on? oooh spinach!” but they’re a nice complement to pasta dishes, and of course great for salads.

The fact that I developed this taste makes me think it’s possible for all types of foods. If you want to like something bad enough, you can convince yourself you do like it. When I was a kid, I knew other kids whose parents were “health freaks,” who forbade all sweets and processed food. I was appalled. Those parents were robbing their children of all good things in life! I wondered how they could choke down the nasty food they ate. But over time, clearly my tastes have changed, and I understand how the healthy parents I knew had enjoyed their food. In fact, I’m probably going to be one of those parents… sorry, future kids.


You'll thank me one day.



Beautiful rainbow swiss chard! Don't you want to cook it?

1. Realize the benefits green leafy vegetables can offer.

2. Find recipes that you like using the greens.

  • creamy spinach dip is probably my favorite but I don’t think that counts, haha
  • For-real examples: sauteed spinach, kale chips, spinach as a pizza topping, in veggie wraps, smoothies, pasta sauces, curries, omelettes, tacos

3. Eat the greens.

  • (Did you know an entire bag of spinach has like 50 calories? I laughed out loud the first time I discovered this)

4. If all else fails:

  • stuff the leaves into your mouth
  • don’t breathe through your nose (so you can’t smell them)
  • chew chew chew until you demolish a serving
  • and chase with a strong drink like orange juice.

Let this guy motivate you. BTW, I advocated this approach long ago… today was the first time I saw this awesome picture.

Simple, quick, gets the job done.




2 thoughts on “4 Steps to Make Leafy Greens Taste Awesome

  1. beabee

    “Cate, would you eat grass if it made you faster?”

    “… probably.”

    I can say I don’t hate spinach anymore. Finally realizing how amazingly good it was for me and just forcing myself to eat it in smoothies and salads finally did it for me. I also started with a little spinach in a mostly lettuce salad and now I’ll eat an all spinach salad.

  2. runharrietrun

    For me, the key to enjoying leafy greens is to put as much other s**t as possible on them. I swear this does not in any way defeat the purpose :) For instance: spinach salad with a little blue cheese, a small amount of bacon, an apple and some toasted walnuts? Hello! Delicious! Kale is big around here (I live in Germany) and it’s great in soups. And frozen spinach is great in a pinch. I saute it with a little olive oil and add sliced sundried tomatoes and a shallot. Never tried putting spinach in smoothies…is that good?


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