40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content – from Chris Brogan


Who doesn’t want to improve their blog? I read this list of ways to generate interesting content (from Chris Brogan) and found them applicable to any blog, for work or even a personal one. Blogging in the PR world communicates with publics quickly and informatively. It can also be a fun way to personify your organization – to make them seem more human.

Chris Brogan is one of those social media experts, one of those people I follow on Twitter because of a recommendation from a list called something like “Top 10 Social Media Tweeters.” So until a couple weeks ago I just kept reading his informative tweets (@chrisbrogan) without really knowing what he did. Finally I looked him up on his website and read his whole about section, and found he does consulting and speaking on social media. He also wrote Trust Agents,  a NY Times best seller about using the internet for your business.

This dude knows what he's talking about.

I won’t post the whole list of ways to deliver content, but I’ll highlight and elaborate on some of the ones that most impressed me.

  • Brevity rules. Can you say it briefly?

Huge blocks of text are intimidating. Short posts draw people in.

  • You don’t have to write complete sentences, even though your teacher taught you to do that. But treat it sparingly. Like this. Like a condiment.

Besides making me laugh, this tip resonated because it’s a little unconventional. But it’s true: like a condiment, incomplete sentences can jazz up an otherwise well-made, grammatically correct post.

  • And never never never (raise your hand and repeat this with me) “I” (state your name) “solemnly swear never never never never ever to post another ‘I’m sorry I haven’t blogged lately’ posts ever again. Ever.”

I think Brogan’s idea with this one was twofold. One, never leave your blog alone so long that you have to make a post apologizing your lack of posting. Two, admitting this makes your blog look incompetent.

  • Ask questions. Blogs are conversations starting and flowing. Ask. Questions.

Questions = answers = interactivity with publics!

  • Occasionally, try something completely different.

Try different posting styles, like top 10 lists, stories, interviews, or discussing your organization’s inspiration. Brogan has more ideas for posts of ranging styles on his sites, like “50 Blog Topics Marketers Could Write for Their Companies.”

Check out the full list about how to develop blog content  – playing by his own rules, Brogan has made it pretty brief!


1 thought on “40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content – from Chris Brogan

  1. sweatykid

    Great links and tips from this Brogan guy. I can’t stand the “I’m sorry I haven’t blogged lately” posts! (…even though I’m sometimes guilty of them…)


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