Confessions of an Ex-Chocolate-Hater

Previous feelings

Guys, I don’t know how, but for the first 20 years of my life, I didn’t like chocolate.

It tasted bitter. It was just bad.

As a kid I decided, “this is gross,” and wouldn’t touch it.

But from the vast enjoyment every other human being on the planet displayed while eating this marvel substance, I knew I was missing out.

Gateway Drugs


No other food seemed to weaken my friends’ resistance, inspire their baking, or enhance every dish it touched.

Chocolate was the only food I didn’t like that I wanted to like.

It was standing in the way of my ultimate enjoyment of food.

So it is with great pride and pleasure that I announce for the world, I now eat and yes, love chocolate.

I have carefully cultivated

Who wouldn't want these?

this taste, first with chocolate-enhanced items: Andes Mints at Olive Garden, chocolate-dipped strawberries at Valentines parties, chocolate-coated protein bars, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Milky Ways from candy bowls.

I progressed to the Halloween candy my roommates had already gotten their fill of, then the Russell Stover Gift Box left lying around at Christmas.

This was such a good sign. I was circling back to eat more and more. Chocolate no longer evaded me… I enjoyed it. I have yet to buy any, but I will soon. I want to expand my tastes from fun size Snickers and Twix. I’m particularly excited about dark chocolate (health benefits woo!) and artsy chocolates.

I’m happy but reeling a little… for so long I was the chocolate-hater. It was a convenient excuse to ignore desserts other people complained about overeating. I was unique. Seriously 99% of people were incredulous to discover I didn’t like chocolate. Now I’m just like everyone else.

But I’ll give up a bit of my identity if it means I can share in this  joy that is chocolate.

Never thought I'd say it, but this looks awesome

P.S. Someday I’ll have to share with you the story of my acquired taste for cottage cheese. It is an equally thrilling tale.


7 thoughts on “Confessions of an Ex-Chocolate-Hater

  1. runharrietrun

    Hi Cate, I followed your link from Lauren Fleshman’s blog and just had to comment on this post because it is so funny. Most chocolate is actually not very good – perhaps you just had a discerning palate :) Curious to hear how and why you had to convince yourself to like cottage cheese!

  2. catewestenhover Post author

    Thanks for stopping by. Most people tell me the cheap stuff, milk chocolate and candy bars, don’t even “count” for real chocolate. You know how kids like that though? So I’m like in the ‘kid’ stage of eating chocolate. Soon I will mature to dark chocolate. I can feel it. Valentine’s Day, can’t wait!

  3. catewestenhover Post author

    haha. Post idea! “How to make yourself like vegetables.”

    1. Realize green leafy vegetables fuel your body, and that cooking them adds to your recipe arsenal/experience.
    2. Find recipes that you like using the greens.
    3. Eat the greens.
    4. If all else fails, stuff the leaves into your mouth, don’t breathe through your nose (so you can’t smell them), and chew until you demolish a serving. Chase with a strong drink like orange juice.

    Haha. Won’t that be fun to read?

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