Ginger Bars: Dissatisfying Foray into Healthy Baking

Ginger Bars

I mean, it’s not like they were bad. It’s just, if I’m going to go to the trouble of dirtying my kitchen and indulging in something sweet, I’d rather it be full on dessert.

I saw this recipe in the September issue of my mom’s Woman’s Day magazine (so what if I don’t fit the target demographic? I LIKE Woman’s Day). It was a little set of recipes for healthier bar cookies, like brownies using white whole wheat flour and no-bake cereal bars.

“Ginger bars,” I thought, “I’m all about fresh spices. And healthy too! Win-win!” I also got suckered in by the cute picture. After the magazine sat in my bathroom for five months (living room magazines get responsibly recycled), somehow,

Cast of Characters

today was the day the ginger bars came to life.

Recipe called for white whole wheat, flaxseed meal, brown sugar, ground ginger and crystallized ginger (ginger candy) as well as your typical butter, egg, salt, vanilla and baking soda.

Basically, you melted the butter and added in the sugar, the egg and vanilla, then the dry ingredients, and finally the chopped crystallized ginger.

The ginger was super time-consuming to chop, so sticky. I ended up heating it and pulling it apart with my fingers.

Well, that was it, nothing too complex. The first thing I thought when I tasted it was, “This would be delicious with frosting or butterscotch chips!” It tasted like spiced  muffins, which, along with banana bread, are like the morally gray areas of baked goods. Are they breakfast foods or dessert? They didn’t taste very strongly of ginger, nor were they very sweet.

The ginger bars were ok, but not worth the trouble.

Moral of the story: When baking, go big or go home. Next dessert will not be light, whole wheat or low-sugar.

(Perpetrator Recipe here at


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