Open Letter to Spinach, Red Lentil and Bean Curry

I told you it was ugly. I know part of cooking is appearance... I'm not there yet.

Dear Spinach, Red Lentil and Bean Curry,

You come out so ugly, but you taste so good.

Your bright pink lentil jewels turn mushy yellow, your spinach wilts and your yogurt-tomato sauce binds everything together until it’s kind of a paste. But you did it for me Curry. You forsook your raw looks and your fresh texture, braving the skillet, undergoing chemical reaction and cooking for me. Your flavor’s all you have left… but that’s enough: spicy garam masala, cayenne powder, fresh garlic and ginger did the trick. You taste awesome, you are nutritious and you filled me to the point of discomfort.



(recipe from


3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Spinach, Red Lentil and Bean Curry

  1. runharrietrun

    Ok, that looks truly foul, like something I could have cooked (or something that’s been sitting in a not-quite-cold-enough fridge for two weeks!) But, as you say, looks aren’t everything.

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