Homestead Heritage, and a non-track day

Since I’m not running right now, thanks to a strained hip flexor and glute, I was happy to spend today not thinking about running much.

Baylor had its first indoor meet of the season at A&M, but I hung out in Waco all day with my parents.  With an indefinite return to running, like “whenever it doesn’t hurt to run anymore,” I enjoyed the alternative focus.

Usually I go see them at home in Austin, but we decided to mix it up with them coming to visit me for the day.

The Homestead Heritage Restaurant

We went to Homestead Heritage outside of Waco. I’m not entirely sure what this whole place is about, but it’s a community made of conservative Christians who live simply and have made a visitor attraction out of it. They have a gristmill, pottery barn and forge where they make stuff to sustain their farm and sell in the gift store. It’s a cool, old-fashioned change of pace from typical entertainment. We spent a couple hours poking around the grounds and various buildings, but the highlight of the trip was eating at the restaurant.

South of the Border Burger

The menu was respectably-sized, with burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups. I think they use their home-grown ingredients whenever possible (bread from their wheat, eggs from chickens), but somehow I doubt my side of fruit containing pineapple came from the Heritage farm.  Anyway.

We chose falafel, chicken pot pie, sweet potato soup and the South of the Border Burger. The soup was creamy and delicately spicy (recipe). The falafel and the pot pie were ok (I liked how they were in a whole wheat pita and whole wheat crust), but the burger, which I split with Dad, was the best: 1/3 lb. locally-raised grass-fed beef, avocado, tomato, mixed greens, monterrey jack, ranch dressing on a whole wheat sesame seed bun. It was juicy, even drippy. This is a good thing.

Saltine Toffee Bars

We had a great afternoon after that, laying around watching football and making these saltine toffee bars. We had my apartment to ourselves and it felt like a second home. Dinner at Trujillo’s was a letdown (greasy Mexican) but maybe we were just really full already.

I love the weekends, I love my family, and I now love Homestead Heritage. Successful Saturday.


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